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Mortgage Leads - Internet Mortgage Loan Leads Which Are Fresh, Exclusive and Less Than 2 Minutes Old!

High Quality Mortgage Leads

Mortgage Leads that we provide to you are fresh, exclusive and delivered to you within seconds of submission. If you are a mortgage company, loan officer or broker please take a minute to review what we have to offer to you. Our company is dedicated to providing you with the best possible internet lead that you can receive online and all of our mortgage leads are exclusive.

When mortgage leads come in through our web sites we sell the lead to only one loan officer, unlike other companies who will resell the same lead to up to four different loan officers. By keeping our leads exclusive it increases your chance of closing a loan with the customer. When you close more loans we sell more leads and the longer our business relationship will last! So when you receive a lead for us you can rest assured that it is an exclusive lead and we know you will appreciate the value of fresh and exclusive mortgage leads.

We generate mortgage leads through our 60 plus web sites which are found in search engines like MSN, Yahoo and Google. Customers are online entering search terms such as home loans, home equity loans, and mortgage refinancing to name a few. Our job is to make sure that our sites are ranked high in the search engines so that they appear on the first page for these different terms which generate mortgage leads.

We offer something to you for FREE which most other companies will nickle and dime you for and that is free filters for your mortgage leads. Adding filters to your internet leads will help you receive the type of mortgage leads that fits your lending program. Filters which you can add are; Loan Type, Loan Amount, Interest Rate, Location (either by zip codes or state), Loan to Value, and Credit Type.

These fresh mortgage leads which are generated on the internet search engines are delivered to you by either fax or email within seconds of submission. If you prefer to have your leads delivered at pre-determined time intervals we can do this as well.

Fresh, Internet Generated Exclusive Mortgage Leads with up to six free filters delivered via fax or email instantly or at pre-determined times all at affordable prices.

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